Facebook Disabled My Account After I was Hacked – Now What??

Facebook disabled my account
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After 13 years of using its platform, Facebook disabled my account. It’s true! Facebook has decided that I’m a threat to society. How does this make any sense? I have no idea, but let me just give you a little bit of backstory.

As I mentioned, I have been using Facebook both for personal and business purposes for over 13 years. Everything from the births of my children to celebrating the life of my great grandmother (our 5th generation in my family) to my marriage is all gone.

All of my memories were wiped out, but what’s even worse is that my business profile (Perfection Hangover) along with my group were also shut down.

The hackers also managed to send money via Facebook pay using the debit card linked to my Facebook ads account. To be completely blunt…I am livid.

As a content creator, it is so, so important that you understand that your Facebook page and profile and all of the content that you’ve uploaded to it is not yours.

It does not belong to you. So whether you have a personal account or a business account, just know that at the drop of a hat, Facebook has the option of taking down all of your content.

Why Did Facebook Disable Me?

Let’s get into the reason that Facebook disabled my account.

Someone hacked my Facebook profile and posted pictures of the Taliban doing really horrible things to Americans. They changed my profile picture and uploaded a lot of photos that were horrible.

Now, I understand why Facebook would want to pause my account and deactivate my account temporarily while they review it and check to see if I’m legit or not. It’s for the safety of its platform and users.

Your Account Has Been Disabled. You Can’t Use Facebook Because it Doesn’t Follow Community Standards…

As I tried to log back into my Facebook profile I was stopped with a message that read “Your account has been disabled. You can’t use Facebook becasue your account, or activity on it, doesn’t follow our community standards.”

So I answered about eight security questions to verify that:

  1. I haven’t uploaded certain photos.
  2. I haven’t added certain friends.
  3. I haven’t added a new debit or credit card.

along with a few other questions. Facebook then asks me to upload a copy of my driver’s license to verify my identity (which I reluctantly did).

I don’t know about y’all, but why on earth would Facebook need a copy of my state-issued ID? I don’t like that at all…..

So imagine my frustration after Googling and searching how to get your Facebook profile back and finding out that it could be anywhere from 3 to 21 days before I gain access to my account.

Keep in mind that my business is marketed on Facebook!

Well, on the third day of not having access to my Facebook profile, I tried to log in and I received the following message:

Notice “We’ve already reviewed the decision, and it cannot be reversed.”

Some idiot who logged into my account and hacked it violated Facebook’s community standards (not me) and if Facebook actually manually reviewed accounts (as it says it does), it would be able to see the last thirteen years I’ve shared photos of my kids, memories of buying and selling different homes, different experiences and trips, and those are memories I can’t get back.

Those photos and memories are gone forever, so what’s the takeaway the number one take away?

Key Takeaway

Social media does not belong to you. Your profile does not belong to you. It belongs to whatever platform it is hosted on, and you always have the option of having that taken away.

Even YouTube, guys! If you are not saving your content as an original file onto your computer and are instead uploading straight from Final Cut Pro or iMovie directly onto YouTube, you don’t have a backup of that file.

In an instant, these platforms can shut down your profile, so going forward I have to rebuild all of my business profiles on Facebook.

I thought that I had added an admin to my Facebook group, but apparently not. Now my Perfection Hangover Community Facebook Group is just sitting out there, all willy nilly without an admin to approve and monitor content.

I Need a Massive Favor

I created a new Facebook page, and I’m starting from zero again, but we’re going to do this. Would you please go check out my Facebook page and “Like” it along with subscribing to my YouTube channel?

Every week, I share two new episodes (Tuesday and Friday) with money-saving and money-making tips to help YOU accomplish your financial goals.

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